At a time of unprecedented pressures and uncertainties, getting the best from your board and senior team is essential. Too many organisations lose out by not investing in their key people, resulting in weak governance, under-performance, and even business failure. Joanna Davey Consulting can provide the unique expertise to markedly improve your board’s performance, rigorously review your strategic planning, and boost the effectiveness of your senior staff. Joanna has a strong track record in enabling boards to ‘up their game’ becoming forward-looking boards that make high quality decisions to ensure an organisation’s success. Clients also find coaching of chairs, CEOs, and directors to be invaluable. Based near Wells, Somerset, Joanna works in the South West, South Wales, and London with a wide variety of organisations including housing associations, charities, and from the public sector.
Working with Joanna you can be assured of:
Proven executive coaching
Joanna enables her clients to be effective, be themselves, and tap into their potential, during periods of transition, either for them or for their organisations. Read more...
Governance advice and strategic planning support
Clients choose Joanna to enhance their governance through board member appraisals, board performance reviews, and coaching. Joanna’s skills as a facilitator are invaluable in drawing out key issues and identifying options so clients can make strategic decisions with confidence. Read more...
Partnership establishment and development
Joanna has helped partnerships effectively address people and policy issues. By drawing on the diverse skills and experiences in partner organisations she enables partnerships to tap into their potential synergy and tackle complex problems. Read more...
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